Don’t you hate it when teachers at school block certain web sites and you cannot play in the small breaks you have? Or maybe you have an office job that is only filling up 25% of your schedule, but you can’t do anything fun, because they won’t allow it. Well no worries! You can now play Unblocked Happy Wheels 2 on our site!
Replace those hours of pure boredom with fun games and exquisite graphics! In 2006 Jim Bonacci had a dream, and that dream was for everyone to escape monotony and dive into an alternate world filled with excitement!

Happy Wheels 2 Unblocked gameIt’s simple, just chose your ride!
All you have to do is chose your vehicle and finish the ride alive. You will find yourself in various situations that may seem impossible, but all you have to remember is
1. The laws of physics.
2. Nothing is impossible when you play second Happy Wheels!
Just remember, if you play this game during your physic classes, don’t ask for help from your physics teacher!

Let’s get practical
How do you actually play it? You have just eight control buttons: backspace, for the primary actions. When used after the eject button, which is the letter Z, this will help you grab different stuff. Buttons shit and ctrl, from the left side of the keyboard are used for secondary actions. Now all you’re left with is the arrows which are distributed as following: the up arrow helps you accelerate the speed and the down arrow to decelerate. And the last two are to help you lean: left is for leaning back and right for leaning forward. Piece of cake, right?

Cause time spent playing is not wasted!
Now, people will try to convince you that playing games is boring and takes a lot of time that could be used in a more productive way. But honestly, procrastination is part of everybody’s life. And at least by playing video games you can procrastinate in an active and efficient way. Because no matter how much they try to persuade you into believing games are useless, they are not! A gamer’s attention is significantly better that a non-gamer’s ability to focus. Not to mention about the ability to perform multiple tasks in the same time. This skill is practiced each time you play a game like Happy Wheels which has more than just one control button.

So keep on playing this hilarious game and stay cool! This shall always enable you keep yourself fresh as well as make you think critically and mentally.